Our Purpose:

To empower the women of this Ministry to commit head, heart and hands to carrying out the Great Commission that was given us in Matthew 28:19-20; to encourage more participation by bringing one, teaching one, and this one sharing with another one. Colossians 2:2-3.   To focus and give awareness to the common ground of women regardless of age, cultures, customs and traditions. We will engage in building others as we build ourselves in better understanding of our divine calling to be a witness/missionary for the cause of Christ.


Sis. Sallye Smith, President
Sis. Pearlie Brown,  Vice President
Sis. Yvonne Turner, Vice President
Sis. Patricia A. Daniel,  Correspondence Secretary
Sis. Gloria McDonald, Recording Secretary
Sis. Margaret Morrison, Financial Secretary
Sis. Corlette Bunns, Assistant Secretary
Sis. Dorothy Franklin, Treasurer