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Angela Project: 40 Days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer Video

Please click on the picture above or the link below to watch the Angela Project 40 Days of Prayer video.

40 Days of Prayer Video Link 

40 Days of Prayer Overview

1619-2019 marks the 400th Year Anniversary of Black enslavement in America. Simmons College of Kentucky in conjunction with the Angela Project presents

40 Days of Prayer for the Liberation of American Descendants of Slavery. From July 12 – August 20, 2019, join Christians from around the world as we observe the 400th anniversary of enslavement in America.

For this 400th anniversary, there are 2 books written to help you reflect on where we have been and to project a new course for racial relations in America.

  • Book 1:  40 Days of Prayer for the Liberation of American Descendants of Slavery - For each of the 40 days, the devotional reading for each day will be comprised of:

    • The actual story of slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad.  You will learn of each slave’s name, what they looked like and why they escaped.

    • Facts surrounding slavery and continued black oppression in America.

    • The “We are the Voice of 1″ Prayer Declaration.

  • Book 2:  400th Year Commemoration Ceremony - On August 20th, at the culmination of the 40 days of prayer, the ceremony book will be used in services around the nation in commemoration of this 400th year anniversary of slavery in America.  We are calling all Christians of all races and justice seekers to join us in this movement.

Order your copies from Amazon today by clicking on the links below.

40 Days of Prayer – Purchase here

400th Year Commemoration Ceremony – Purchase here

Join us as we pause to remember their pain and project a new future.

Additional Information on the Books

40 Days of Prayer

Click on the link below to purchase 40 Days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer Book

Book Description:

Throughout the 400 years since the first “20 and odd Negroes” were brought to the British colonies, American Descendants of Slavery have experienced a Black Holocaust: enslavement, black codes, sharecropping, Jim Crow, lynchings, convict leasing, redlin-ing, restrictive covenants, police brutality, subprime lending, mass incarceration, all of which have resulted in the ghettoization/impoverishment of black communities across America.

Contained within each daily prayer and reflection page is an excerpt from the documentary, The Underground Rail Road: A Record, by William Still. Each excerpt is a direct quote from Mr. Still; therefore, any wording that does not align with standard or contemporary English is reflective of that time.

The second reading on the daily prayer and reflection page is a collection of historical facts revealing the ongoing systemic oppression leveled against our black forebears who were first enslaved and that continued against American Descendants of Slavery.

The third writing on each daily prayer and reflection page is the “We Are the Voice of One” Prayer Declaration, which is adapted from Isaiah 40. We ask that you speak this prayer declaration aloud each day, and then close with your personal prayer.

Participants are encouraged to participate in the 40 Days of Prayer within circles of influence – with spiritual partners, church members, organization members, friends, and family members. During these 40 days, participants may want to join with others on a teleconference and read the daily reflections together. Be encouraged to join with those of other races or ethnicities. Everyone can pray aloud using the Prayer Declaration, with a designee closing the prayer time and paying homage to those formerly enslaved and their descendants.

At the close of the 40 days, participants are invited to host a commemoration ceremony. The ceremony guide is available as a separate resource.

The 400th Year Commemoration Ceremony

Please click on the link below to purchase The 400 Year Commemoration Ceremony

The 400 Year Commemoration Ceremony

Book Description:

Program litany for the ceremony concluding 40 Days of Prayer for the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). The ceremony engages blacks and whites of all ages to engage in forgiveness and reconciliation for the devastating and lingering effects of 400 years of enslavement in America. The program format includes litanies, readings, Scripture passages, and songs. The ceremony can be adapted for any American city or region.



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Check Out Date: Friday, September 13, 2019

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Oklahoma, City 73102

Rate: $131.00

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