(Reviewed by By-Laws Commission, January 18, 1995)

Members  of the Commission: Dr. W.T. Snead, Sr., President & Chairman; Dr.  Robt. E. Houston, Sr., Secretary; Dr. Bryant C. Wyatt, Sr., Dr. M.V.  Wade, Sr., Dr. C.E. Gaines, Dr. J. Linzie Whitmill, Dr. Timothy J.  Winters, Dr. Ray W. Williams, Dr. Tyree Toliver,

(Reviewed by Convention Pastors, January 19, 1995)

(Presented to & Approved by the Convention, January 20, 1995)


The name of this Convention will be “The California Missionary Baptist State Convention.”


I. THE SCRIPTURES: We  believe that the Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired, and is  a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction; and it has God for its  author, salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture of error  for its matter; that it reveals the principles by which God will judge  us, and therefore is, and shall remain to the end of the world, the true  center of Christian union, and the supreme standard by which all human  conduct, creeds, and opinions shall be tried.

II. THE TRUE GOD: We  believe the Scriptures teach that there is one, and only one, living and  true God, an infinite, intelligent Spirit, whose name is Jehovah, the  Maker and Supreme Ruler of heaven and earth; inexpressibly glorious in  holiness, and worthy of all possible honor, confidence and love; that in  the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, the Father, the Son,  and the Holy Ghost; equal in every divine perfection, and executing  distinct but harmonious offices in the great work of redemption.

III. THE FALL OF MAN: We  believe that the Scriptures teach that Man was created in holiness,  under the law of his Maker, but by voluntary transgression fell from the  holy and happy state; in consequence of which all mankind are sinners,  not by constraint but choice; being the nature utterly void of that  holiness required by the law of God, positively inclined to evil; and  therefore under just condemnation to eternal ruin, without defense or  excuse.

IV. THE WAY OF SALVATION: We believe that the Scriptures teach that the salvation of sinners is  wholly of grace; through the mediatorial offices of the Son of God; who  by the appointment of the Father, freely took upon him our nature, yet  without sin; honored the divine law by his personal obedience, and by  his death made a full atonement for our sins; that having risen from the  dead, he is now enthroned in heaven; and uniting in his wonderful  person the tenderest sympathies with divine perfection, he is in every  way qualified to be a suitable, a compassionate, and an all sufficient  Savior.

V. JUSTIFICATION: We  believe the Scriptures teach that the great Gospel blessing which Christ  secures to such as believe in him is justification; that justification  includes the pardon of sin, and the promise of eternal life on  principles of righteousness; that it is bestowed, not in consideration  of any works of righteousness which we have done, but solely through  faith in the Redeemer’s blood; by virtue of which faith his perfect  righteousness is freely imputed to us of God; that it brings us into a  most blessed peace and favor with God, and secures every other blessing  needed for time and eternity.

VI. THE FREENESS OF  SALVATION: We believe that the Scriptures teach that the blessings of  salvation are made free to all by the Gospel; that it is the immediate  duty of all to accept them by cordial, penitent and obedient faith; and  that nothing prevents the salvation of the great sinner on earth, but  his own determined depravity and voluntary rejection of the Gospel;  which rejection involves him in an aggravated condemnation.

VII. REGENERATION: We  believe that the Scriptures teach that in order to be saved, sinners  must be regenerated, or born again; that regeneration consists in giving  a holy disposition to the mind that it is effected in a manner above  our comprehension by the power of the Holy Spirit in connection with  divine truth, so as to secure our voluntary obedience to the Gospel; and  that its proper evidence appears in the holy fruits of repentance and  faith, and newness of life.

VIII. REPENTANCE AND FAITH: We believe the Scriptures teach that repentance and faith are sacred  duties, and also inseparable graces, wrought in our souls by the  regenerating Spirit of God; whereby being deeply convinced of our guilt,  danger and helplessness and of the way of salvation by Christ, we turn  to God with unfeigned contrition, confession, and supplication for  mercy; at the same time heartily receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as our  prophet, priest and king, and relying on him alone as the only and  all-sufficient Savior.

IX: GOD’S PURPOSE OF GRACE: We believe the Scriptures teach that the election is the eternal  purpose of God, according to which he graciously regenerates, sanctifies  and saves sinners; that being perfectly consistent with the free agency  of man, it comprehends all the means in connection with the need; that  is a most glorious display of God’s sovereign goodness, being infinitely  free, wise, holy and unchangeable, that it utterly excluded boasting  and promotes humility, love, prayer, praise, trust in God, and active  imitation of his free mercy; that it encourages the use of means in the  highest degree; that it may be ascertained by its effects in all who  truly believe the Gospel; that it is the foundation of Christian  assurance; and that to ascertain it with regard to ourselves demands and  deserves the utmost diligence.

X. SANCTIFICATION: We  believe the Scriptures teach that Sanctification is the process by  which, according to the will of God, we are made partakers of his  holiness; that it is a progressive work; that it is begun in  regeneration; and that it is carried on in the hearts of believers by  the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, the Healer and Comforter, in  the continual use of the appointed means especially the word of God,  self-examination, self-denial, watchfulness, and prayer.

XI. PERSEVERANCE OF SAINTS: We believe the Scriptures teach that such only are real believers as  endure to the end; that their persevering attachment to Christ is the  grand mark which distinguishes them from superficial professors; that a  special Providence watches over their welfare; and they are kept by the  power of God through faith and salvation.

XII. THE LAW AND GOSPEL: We  believe the Scriptures teach that the Law of God is the eternal and  unchangeable rule of his moral government; that it is holy, just and  good, and that the inability which the Scriptures ascribe to fallen men  to fulfill its precepts, arise entirely from their love of sin; to  deliver them from which, and to restore them through a Mediator to  unfeigned obedience to the holy Law, in one great end of the Gospel, and  of the means of Grace connected with the establishment of the visible  church.

XIII. A GOSPEL CHURCH: We  believe the Scriptures teach that a visible church of Christ is a  congregation of baptized believers, associated by covenant in the faith  and fellowship of the Gospel; observing the ordinances of Christ;  governed by his laws; and exercising the gifts, rights, and privileges  invited in them by His word; that its only scriptural officers are  Bishops or Pastors, and Deacons whose Qualifications, claims and duties  are defined in the Epistles of Timothy and Titus.

XIV. BAPTISM AND THE LORD’S  SUPPER: We believe the Scriptures teach that Christian baptism is the  immersion in water of a believer, into the name of the Father, and Son,  and Holy Ghost; to show forth in a solemn and beautiful emblem, our  faith in crucified, buried, and risen Savior, with its effect, in our  death to sin and resurrection to a new life; that it is prerequisite to  the privileges of a church relation; and to the Lord’s Supper, in which  the members of the church, by the sacred use of bread and wine, are to  commemorate together the dying love of Christ; preceded always by solemn  self-examination.

XV. THE CHRISTIAN SABBATH: We believe the Scriptures teach that the first day of the week is the  Lord’s Day, or Christian Sabbath, and is to be kept sacred to religious  purposes, by abstaining from all secular labor and sinful recreations,  by the devout observance of all the means of grace, both privates and  public, and by preparation for the rest that remaineth the people of  God.

XVI. CIVIL GOVERNMENT: We  believe the Scriptures teach that civil government is of divine  appointment, for the interest and good order of human society; and that  magistrates are to be prayed for, conscientiously honored and obeyed;  except only in things opposed to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ who  is the only Lord of the conscience, and the Prince of the Kings of the  earth.

XVI. RIGHTEOUS AND WICKED: We believe the Scriptures teach that there is a radical and essential  difference between the righteousness and wicked; that such only as  through faith are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and  sanctified by the Spirit of our God, are truly righteous in his esteem;  while all such as continue in impenitence and unbelief are in his sight  wicked, and under the curse; and this distinction holds among men both  in and after death.

XVIII. THE WORLD TO COME: We believe that the Scriptures teach that the end of the world is  approaching; that at the last day, Christ will descend from heaven, and  raise the dead from the grave for final retribution; that a solemn  separation will then take place; that the wicked will be adjudged to  endless punishment, and the righteous to endless joy; and that this  judgment will fix forever the final state of men in heaven or hell, on  principles of righteousness.


Having been led, as we  believe, by the Spirit of God, to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our  Saviour, and on the profession of our faith, having been baptized in the  name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, we do now in  the presence of God, angels and this assembly, most solemnly and  joyfully enter into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ.

We engage therefore, by the  aid of the Holy Spirit, to walk together in Christian love; to strive  for the advancement of this church, in knowledge, holiness, and comfort;  to promote its prosperity and spirituality; to sustain its worship,  ordinances, discipline, and doctrines; to contribute cheerfully and  regularly to the support of the ministry, the expenses of the church,  the relief of the poor, and the spread of the gospel through all  nations.

We also engage to maintain  family and secret devotion; to religiously educate our children; to seek  the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk circumspectly  in the world; to be just in our dealings, faithful in our engagements,  and exemplary in our deportment; to avoid all tattling, backbiting and  excessive anger; to abstain from the sale and use of intoxicating drinks  as a beverage, and to be zealous in our efforts to advance the kingdom  of our Saviour.

We further engage to watch  over one another in brotherly love; to remember each other in prayer; to  aid each other in sickness and distress; to cultivate Christian  sympathy in feeling and courtesy in speech; to be slow to take offence,  but always ready for reconciliation, and mindful of the rules of our  Saviour to secure it without delay.

We moreover engage that  when we remove from this place, we will as soon as possible unite with  some other church, where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant  and the principles of God’s word.


SECTION 1. This Convention will be affiliated with the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America and its objectives.

SECTION 2. The California  Missionary Baptist State Convention shall serve as an Agency of  Christian Education, Missionary and Church Extension; and combine the  efforts of Baptist Churches and Organizations in extending the gospel  both at home and to the foreign fields; and propagate Baptist beliefs  and distinctive principles throughout the world.

SECTION 3. To own and develop property for the objectives of this Convention.

SECTION 4. As a Bible  Centered body, we agree to cooperate with other religious bodies that  are in kindred with our Christian doctrine.


SECTION 1. The membership  of this Convention shall be annual consisting of messengers from  Orthodox Baptist Churches (see Articles II and III) and District  Associations.

SECTION 2. Each Church  shall register by paying the scheduled fees that shall be determined by  the Executive Committee from time to time and upon registration shall be  entitled to seven (7) messengers, inclusive of the pastor, who must be  present at the time of voting. Only messengers who are present are  eligible at the time of voting. The Secretary must certify all  messengers by the close of the Tuesday Session. In an event of an  extreme emergency, they must notify the President of the Convention to  receive exemption from said stipulation.

SECTION 3. Each District  Association shall register by paying the scheduled fees that shall be  determined by the Executive Committee from time to time and upon  registration shall be entitled to five (5) messengers.

SECTION 4. The minimum  registration fee will be $100.00 for Annual Session and Board Sessions.  The Executive Committee will determine the annual membership  representation fees. Any church not registering with the minimum  registration fee will be considered as a Contributor with no voting  privileges.

SECTION 5. Only registered designated messengers shall be entitled to vote on business and other matters of this convention.


SECTION 1. The members, at  every fourth annual convention, will select the officers of the  convention who are to be a President, Vice President at Large, First  Vice President (Vice President of Boards), Second Vice President (Vice  President of Auxiliaries), Third Vice President (Vice President of  Ecumenical Affairs), Fourth Vice President (Vice President of Financial  Affairs), Treasurer, Financial Secretary, General Secretary, Assistant  General Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary,  Assistant Recording Secretary, Parliamentarian, Historian, Statistician,  and Chairman of Social Action. There will be an Executive Committee  composed of the President, the Vice President at Large, First Vice  President (Vice President of Boards), Second Vice President (Vice  President of Auxiliaries), Third Vice President (Vice President of  Ecumenical Affairs), Fourth Vice President (Vice President of Financial  Affairs), the Treasurer, the General Secretary, and the Corresponding  Secretary. The President will be the Chairman of the Executive  Committee. The Executive Committee will appoint an Administrative  Officer, the Internal Auditor, and the Director of Public Relations.  These officers will perform the traditional duties and responsibilities  of a person holding said office and will perform such duties as are  provided herein and as are charged from time to time by the Executive  Committee. All officers elected by the convention will be elected for a  term of four (4) years and may not succeed themselves more than twice  (12 years). Members having been elected by the Convention to three (3)  full or partial terms will not be eligible for election until at least  one full four-year term has elapsed after serving said three (3) terms.

Section 2. Officers may be  removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive  Committee in the event of cause; with cause being defined as a conflict  of interest, disloyalty to the organization, bringing ill repute or  public embarrassment to the organization, conviction of a crime  involving moral turpitude, or similar grounds. The procedure will be as  follows: any member of the Executive Committee may make a written motion  for the removal of an officer and said motion will state generally the  grounds for said motion. Said motion must be seconded. The President  will then appoint a committee to investigate said matter and report to  the officers at the next meeting of the Executive Committee. At the next  Executive Committee meeting the committee will make its report and the  challenged officer may make any appropriate response at that time. Then,  after discussion, the challenged officer will be removed from office in  the event that two-thirds (2/3) vote of the registered members of the  California Missionary Baptist State Convention supports the motion for  removal.

SECTION 3. The President  will preside at all meetings of the Convention, appoint all committees,  such as: Enrollment, Finance, Orthodoxy, Publication, Place, Permanent  Organization, Revision of Constitution, etc., and all others that shall  become necessary. The President shall be sent to all denominational  meetings. The President will be the presiding officer; authorize the  calling of all regular and special meetings of the Committees, Boards,  Auxiliaries or Commissions; sign all orders, drafts, checks and all  other negotiable instruments drawn on the Treasury; will appoint  Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of all boards: the Educational Board,  Home Mission Board, Evangelical Board and Foreign Mission Board; will  appoint the Ushers Auxiliary, Brotherhood Auxiliary, Women’s Missionary  Union, Matrons Auxiliary, Junior Women’s Auxiliary, Nurses Corp  Auxiliary, Youth Convention Auxiliary, Ministers Conference, all for  four (4) year terms. All officers elected by the convention will be  elected for a term of four (4) years and may not succeed themselves more  than twice (12 years). Every Board and Auxiliary shall select their  officers and submit their names to the Nominations Committee for  recommendation to the President for presentation to the Convention for  election. The President will appoint or cause to be appointed all  committees and commissions not elected by the General Body or Executive  Committee or otherwise provided for herein, shall be the chairman of the  Executive Committee.

SECTION 4. The Vice  President at Large: At the request of the President or in case of  resignation, death, or inability of the President to discharge the power  and duties of said office, the Vice President at Large shall thereon  become the President and serve the unexpired term.

Section 5. The First Vice  President (Vice President of Boards): The Vice president of Boards will  be the liaison with the Evangelical Board, Home Mission Board,  Educations Board and Foreign Mission Board.

Section 6. The Second Vice  President (Vice President of Auxiliaries): The Vice President of  Auxiliaries will be liaison with the Women’s Missionary Union, Matrons  Auxiliary, Junior Women’s Auxiliary, Brotherhood Auxiliary, Ushers  Auxiliary, Nurses Auxiliary, Youth Convention Auxiliary, and Ministers  Conference.

Section 7. The Third Vice  President (The Vice President of Ecumenical Affairs): The Vice President  of Ecumenical Affairs will be liaison with the Congress of National  Black Churches, National Council of Churches, Baptist World Alliance,  Chaplaincy for Armed Services, and Orthodoxy at the discretion of the  President.

Section 8. The Fourth Vice  President (The Vice President of Financial Affairs): The Vice President  of Financial Affairs will be liaison with the Benevolence Commission,  the Annuity Commission and the Budget Commission.

Section 9. In the event of  the death, removal or resignation of the Vice President at Large, First  Vice President, Second Vice President, or Third Vice President the next  Vice President in secession will ascend to the next position. Any  vacancy in the Fourth Vice Presidency will be filled at the next annual  session.

Section 10. The Treasurer:  The Treasurer will receive all finance of the Convention and pay or  appropriate it as required by the Convention or the President. He shall  sign all orders, drafts, checks and all other negotiable instruments  drawn on the Treasury. He shall keep his records to preserve perpetually  for reference and for both internal and external auditors and report  receipts and disbursements at every Executive Committee and Convention  session, The signature of the President, General Secretary and Treasurer  are authorized to negotiate all checks, drafts, orders or other  negotiable instruments. Any two (2) signatures of the President, General  Secretary and Treasurer will be required on all checks, drafts, orders  or other non-negotiable instruments.

Section 11. Secretaries:  The General Secretary, the Recording Secretary, the Assistant Recording  Secretary, the Corresponding Secretary and the Financial Secretary: The  General Secretary shall be the keeper of records for this Convention  including the membership list, the Executive Committee records and  minutes. He shall serve as Chairman of the Registration Committee. The  Recording Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Parent Body  sessions and shall submit same to the General Secretary. There shall be  as many assistant recording secretaries as will be necessary, and these  shall help in all areas as deemed necessary, supplement the work for the  Recording Secretary and be under his supervision. The Corresponding  Secretary shall do all the Convention and Executive Committee  correspondence and other duties as directed by the President of the  Convention. The Financial Secretary shall help the Treasurer in  recording the Financial activities of the Convention.

Section 12. The Internal  Auditor: The Internal Auditor shall audit all records of the Executive  Committee and the Treasurer of the Convention; each of which shall be  examined at least thirty (30) days before the Annual Session.

Section 13. The Historian:  The Historian will keep a correct history of the Convention, report  annually, and preserve the history for future reference. The Historian  will also publish achievements of African-Americans in the Baptist  Churches of California.

Section 14. The  Statistician: The Statistician shall compile records of church  membership and read same to the convention. He shall turn over all data  to the Recording Secretary to be published in the minutes of the  Convention.

Section 15. The  Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian will help maintain parliamentary  order during all meetings and official business of the Convention.

Section 16. The Social  Action Chairman: The Social Action Chairman will be in charge of keeping  the convention abreast regarding legal, political, civic activities and  will keep the President abreast of these issues at all times.


Section 1. The committee on  nomination of officers shall make its report during the first two days  of the annual session. The election of officers will be held during the  business session of the annual session, with new officers assuming their  responsibilities upon the close of said session.

Section 2. The Nominating  Committee shall receive all nominations for candidacy for Parent Body  positions within this Convention. All candidates seeking to contend for  parent body positions shall submit their names for nomination no less  than thirty (30) days before the Summer Board Session. The Nominating  Committee will make said nominees known.

Section 3. Auxiliaries are  to submit their recommended slate of officers to the Nominating  Committee who shall in turn, present them to the President for final  approval.

Section 4. The election of Officers will be made by roll call of churches and District Associations. (Per Article 5).

Section 5. The Executive  Committee will set the time and procedure for election in each fourth  annual session and listed in the printed program.

Section 6. Only registered  designated messengers shall have the privilege of voting in the election  of officers in the California Missionary Baptist State Convention.


Section 1. The Executive  Committee will transact the business of the Convention during the  interim. The actions of the Executive Committee shall be ratified by the  Convention at its Annual Session or its Winter Board Meeting or its  Summer Board Meeting. The official convention sessions will be: the  Annual Session (October), Winter Board meeting (January), and Summer  Board Meeting (August). No other meetings of the Convention shall be  recognized as an official Convention meeting. The President will have  the authority to convene the Executive Committee.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall arrange regional meetings and conferences as may be deemed necessary.

Section 4. If any chosen  site for any session is found unsatisfactory, the Executive Committee  under the direction of the President will select the place for the next  Annual Session or board meeting of the Convention to meet elsewhere.

Section 5. The President of  the Convention will be reimbursed for his expenses incurred in  connection with his official duties. Any other reimbursements to other  officers and officials must be included in an approved budget for each  specific Board, Auxiliary or Committee.

Section 6. In no event will expenses of Auxiliaries exceed 50 percent of their total annual income.

Section 7. The Executive  Committee shall be the custodian of the Convention’s real property, to  execute, supervise, and direct operations. This Board will be the  authorized agents for buying, selling or otherwise disposing of the  Convention’s property according to the Convention’s order.


SECTION 1. Annual meetings  shall be Monday through Friday following the fourth Sunday in October  each year, at the place voted by the Convention or fixed by the  Executive Committee.

SECTION 2. The Executive Committee meetings will be fixed by the President or committee members.

SECTION 3. All meetings of  the Convention shall open with prayer and regular devotion; the Bible  will be studied during meetings and shall be taught by prepared  ministers.


SECTION 1. All money  reported in this Convention at the Annual Sessions or Executive  Committees shall be paid out according to the Constitution or by special  act of the Convention. When the Convention is not in session, the  Executive Committee shall give the authority to pay out same.

SECTION 2. All money raised  by auxiliaries will be prorated as follows: 50 per cent (50%) for  general expenses, remaining 50 percent (50%) turned over to Parent Body;  All monies that auxiliaries wish to be classified as designated monies,  including public offerings must be pre-approved by the Executive  Committee.

SECTION 3. The Standing  Committee on finance shall be the General Secretary, Financial  Secretary, Treasurer, and as many as will be necessary.


Section 1. This convention shall act only as adviser to churches without pastors when called upon by the church.

Section 2. This convention will act only as adviser to churches with pastors upon request of the pastor.


SECTION 1. Each Auxiliary  will have all the necessary officers and shall meet with Convention and  Executive Committee and make reports to same.

SECTION 2. Each Auxiliary  shall have its own constitution to govern its body; Constitution must be  adopted by Parent Body and in perfect harmony with Constitution of  Parent Body. The Executive Committee shall help auxiliaries in making up  Constitution, if they require help.

SECTION 3. All officers of  the Parent Body and all auxiliaries and departments shall be elected  every fourth session by the Convention in its annual session.


SECTION 1. There will be a  designated headquarters, where business of the Convention can be looked  after. This shall also be the office of the President, and all help  needed to carry on the work of the Convention, and will be supplied at  Convention’s expense.

SECTION 2. All information  concerning the Convention shall be given through this office; all  reports during the year from the field are to be made through this  office. This office shall always be located where the President resides.


The President’s honorariums  and honorariums for all officials will be considered at respective  meetings. The President will select a Disbursement Committee from within  the Executive Committee.


SECTION 1. The following  auxiliaries shall be a part of the Convention: Brotherhood, W.M.U.,  Matrons, Junior Women, Ushers, Nurses Corp, Youth Convention, and  Congress on Christian Education.

SECTION 2. These  auxiliaries will meet with the Parent Body in opening sessions, during  welcome programs, President’s Night and at annual addresses of  Presidents.

SECTION 3. These auxiliaries shall have all the necessary officers.

SECTION 4. Each auxiliary president will become a part of the President’s Advisory Committee.

SECTION 5. No auxiliary shall incorporate.


Section 1. This Convention shall have the following Boards: Home Mission, Foreign Mission, Evangelical and Educational.

Section 2. Officers: Each  Board will have a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and  Recording Secretary. The Convention President will appoint all Boards  Chairmen and Secretary-Treasurers. Each Board shall elect its remaining  officers to be submitted to the President for final approval.

Section 3. Duties of  Officers: The Chairman of the Board will preside at all Board Meetings.  The Recording Secretary of each Board shall keep a true record of the  proceedings of the Board.

Section 4. The  Secretary-Treasurer of each Board shall be responsible and do all the  correspondence of the Board being subject to all its rules and  regulations. The Secretary-Treasurer will receive, hold, and disburse  funds based upon the rules and regulations of the Convention. These  boards will represent this Convention financially at the National  Missionary Baptist Convention of America.

Section 5. Executive  Committee: The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording  Secretary shall constitute the Executive Committee of each Board. Each  Board will be subject to the Convention in all it does during the  meeting of the Convention and during the interim.

Section 6. Reports of Boards: Each Board shall make an annual report to the Convention.

Section 7. Each Executive Committee will recommend any compensation of any officer and/or employee of any Board.

Section 8. All expenses of  each Board are subject to the approval of the Convention and thus must  be presented to the Convention Executive Committee for proper  authorization.

Section 9. Duties of  Boards: The Home Mission Board shall seek to keep alive Churches  experiencing spiritual and/or financial difficulty, and seek to extend  the work of the Kingdom in newly settled or densely populated areas in  the domains of the Convention. The Foreign Mission Board will be in  harmony in supporting the work of the National Missionary Baptist  Convention of America Foreign Mission Board. The Educational Board will  give encouragement to those institutions endorsed by the Convention and  shall attempt to build and influence so that the pulpit and leadership  of the church will be more efficient. The Evangelical Board will carry  the program of Evangelism approved by the Convention.

SECTION 10. No Board shall incorporate.


This Convention will be  governed by the Bible and in instances where it is deemed necessary  there will be the usage of Robert’s Rules of Order.


All public offerings at Annual Sessions will be disbursed at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


A two-thirds majority vote  of designated voting delegates may amend this Constitution during the  annual session of the Convention. Any revision of this Constitution is  effective immediately upon passage.