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HISTORIC – Two of California Baptist State Conventions Reunification

by Robert Earl Houston

Two California Baptist State Conventions, which split as a result of the turmoil in the National Baptist Convention of America and the creation of National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, have agreed to an historic reunification effective in October.

The reunification brings together the California Missionary Baptist State Convention (CMBSC) and the California United Baptist State Convention (CUBSC). Both conventions were as one until the untimely split in 1991 which resulted in the creation of CUBSC. Now, the conventions have agreed to re-unify as one California Missionary Baptist State Convention.

The reunification was initiated by the CUBSC president, Dr. J. Roy Morrison and along with his General Secretary, Dr. Hubbard, they presented their proposal to Dr. E. Wayne Gaddis and the California Missionary Baptist State Convention. Dr. Gaddis stated, “I think it is a God-sent move. I would rather see us come together rather than to be in splinters. Our convention is excited. The other convention is excited. John 17:21 where Jesus says “Let them be as one, as we are one” is an answer to our prayers.”

The CMBSC and CUBSC voted today, January 28, 2015 to begin the process of reunification, which will take affect in October 2015, contingent upon CUBSC meeting certain conditions. The reunited convention will become dually-aligned with both the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America and the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc., International.

Dr. Gaddis will serve as President and an election will be held in October which will complete the reunification process by filling several positions in the cabinet. This will bring the roll of the Convention to over 250 congregations which will make the CMBSC the largest African-American Baptist State Convention west of Texas.

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we support hattiesburg

From the Desk of the President,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord,

California Missionary Baptist State Convention will be leaving going to Hattiesburg, Mississippi on February 13 – 16 for support.  Moderators, we are asking all Districts and Churches to give $1,000.00 toward this drive.  The people of Hattiesburg NEED OUR HELP!!!  We would love for any of you who would like to go and be with President Gaddis to contact the Office headquarters so we can travel together.

Please have donations in by Thursday, February 9th and please make checks payable to CMBSC.

In HIS Name,

President E. Wayne Gaddis, Sr.




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