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Welcome to the California Missionary Baptist State Convention, Incorporated Website.

Whether you are an established Christian, new to the faith or just searching to find out information regarding our State Convention, we encourage you to explore our website. You will learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it. Here you will find a wealth of information about our Convention in the form of updates, scriptures, pictures, newsletters, dates of our sessions and so much more.

We hope that your visit will help you understand our vision, which is unifying and growing people in relationship with Jesus and the body of Christ. Our concern is all about people, and it is our desire to see people worship God from all walks of life. Our convention unites churches from southern to northern California. As a group of God’s people we worship Him individually and corporately.

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I’ll pray for you and you pray for me and watch God change things!

Dr. E. Wayne Gaddis, Sr., CMBSC, Inc. President

HISTORIC – Two of California Baptist State Conventions Reunification

by Robert Earl Houston

Two California Baptist State Conventions, which split as a result of the turmoil in the National Baptist Convention of America and the creation of National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, have agreed to an historic reunification effective in October.

The reunification brings together the California Missionary Baptist State Convention (CMBSC) and the California United Baptist State Convention (CUBSC). Both conventions were as one until the untimely split in 1991 which resulted in the creation of CUBSC. Now, the conventions have agreed to re-unify as one California Missionary Baptist State Convention.

The reunification was initiated by the CUBSC president, Dr. J. Roy Morrison and along with his General Secretary, Dr. Hubbard, they presented their proposal to Dr. E. Wayne Gaddis and the California Missionary Baptist State Convention. Dr. Gaddis stated, “I think it is a God-sent move. I would rather see us come together rather than to be in splinters. Our convention is excited. The other convention is excited. John 17:21 where Jesus says “Let them be as one, as we are one” is an answer to our prayers.”

The CMBSC and CUBSC voted today, January 28, 2015 to begin the process of reunification, which will take affect in October 2015, contingent upon CUBSC meeting certain conditions. The reunited convention will become dually-aligned with both the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America and the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc., International.

Dr. Gaddis will serve as President and an election will be held in October which will complete the reunification process by filling several positions in the cabinet. This will bring the roll of the Convention to over 250 congregations which will make the CMBSC the largest African-American Baptist State Convention west of Texas.

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Dear Pastors/Parent Body Members,

It is our desire that the CMBSC continually grow and move to another level in the body of Christ.

CMBSC Election

Will be held during the 97th Annual Session in 2019.  To be eligible to vote, all churches and pastors must register as follows:

  • Annual Session 2018 – $250.00 church and $20.00 personal

  • Winter Board Session 2019 – $250.00 church and $20.00 personal

  • Annual Session in 2019 – $250.00 church and $20.00 personal

Eligible Districts/Associations must register as follows:

  • Annual Session 2018 – $350.00

  • Winter Board Session 2019 – $350.00

  • Annual Session 2019 – $350.00

Pastors/Parent Body Members

Requirements for running for President:

Must be an active member/Pastor of the Parent Body of California Missionary Baptist State Convention,Inc.

If you have not met the above eligibility requirements ($250.00 church & $20.00 personal registration during the 2018 – 96th Annual Session, 2019 – Winter Board Session, and 2019 – 97th Annual Session), you will not be eligible to run for said office.

If you desire to run for the office of President of the California Missionary Baptist State Convention,Inc., please be advised you are to send a certified letter to the office of the General Secretary stating your intention.

Office of the General Secretary

Jerusalem Baptist Church

8025 South Western Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90047

Your receipt of the certified letter will be your official notice and you then have the opportunity to actively candidate for said office.  The address is listed above.  The letters can be submitted as early as of Monday, August 16, 2018,which is during our Summer Board Meeting, and presented to the body in our 2018 – 96th Annual Session.

Upon notification of receipt of registered letter stating said candidacy, persons interested can officially start campaigning for said election, Article 7: Section 2 of the Constitution.

If person has not, for whatever reason, met the required registration requirements,they automatically will not be eligible to run for said office.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dr. Greg E. Hubbard | General Secretary – CMBSC


CMBSC 2019 Proposed Election Process Letter





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Kingdom Builders International, Dr. E. Wayne Gaddis, Sr. & Mormon Church work together for the same GOAL….HURRICANE RELIEF!!!  Click below to watch the video.


Published October 25, 2017 – Kevin Issac

ICTV was on the scene when hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf coast. I was helping out in Port Arthur, Texas when we got the call to go to Houston and document relief effects in the 5th ward. We did not go to Texas to film and thing we went to help with the relief effects so we didn’t bring any equipment but I had a friend that created a documentary for National Geographics on a 4se years ago so I told my relief team let’s go. I was shooting all images except for a few stills with my IPhone 5SE that shoots in 4K so off we went. The Baptist ministries, The St. Augustine Missionary Baptist Church Bishop Dr. Gaddis and the Mormon came together and gave out water, cleaning supplies and $8,000.00 in food cards to service the people.






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